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Mahomed Ismail

Mahomed Ismail Aka Mo. He is a dedicated sports massage therapist who is passionate about using his skills to help athletes achieve their full potential. He believes that establishing a strong rapport and building trust is crucial in the recovery process of an athlete.


My Story

Mo is a qualified Sports Massage Therapist who has honed his skills in sports massage working with various athletes from amateur to professional. He has an interest in focussing on recovery from injuries, improving sports performance and injury prevention. He uses various techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue massage and trigger point release; and ensures that massage techniques are tailored to suit the individual. He is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and skills. 

Mo started his career in his own practice in Joburg, but has relocated to Cape Town in 2023 and now works out of Kerspuy Physiotherapy.

In addition to sports massage, Mo completed studies in Sports Conditioning and Psychology which has allowed him to work closely with athletes, trainers and coaches


Outside of the treatment room, he enjoys being active and participates in Padel and Pickleball sports.

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